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Goth Passions Members

  • climbingivy5781
  • In search of unique individuals for meaningful conversation and perhaps more. My passions include music, art, photography, literature, writing, travel and interesting people. If these interest you, and you are considered to have more depth than most, I'll look forward to hearing from you.
  • 50 years old | Fairfield, OH, USA

  • lydianon
  • Lonely girl I'm fairly attractive. People say I'm sexy. I'm very petite.I have tattoos and piercings and very very long dreadlocks. My natural hair color is auburn, but I dye my dreads different colors. I look a little wild I suppose, but I'm really not. Not anymore, that is. I guess I've outgrown it... I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. I'm very recently single and haven't been for a lo...
  • 44 years old | Spokane, WA, USA

  • a1oenesome
  • I've been to Paradise... But I've never been to Whitby! Although I imagine that the people who do go to Whitby are rather dull, conventional types. Anyway, welcome to my little corner of Hell, thank you for looking. I probably shouldn't be here as I am a bit old and I'm not into the "lifestyle" but then I see it more of an outlook and an attitude. I'm a bit of a teenager mentally (without the the ...
  • 57 years old | Allesley, United Kingdom

  • xxxdovexxx
  • 31 years old | Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  • lucien
  • Darksiders are Born I'm drawn to Goths and their culture.
  • 25 years old | Detroit, MI, USA

  • ocean91932
  • I'm right here! I love goth! I love the goth fashions. I love black. (You can see my profile on Passions Network).
  • 68 years old | San Diego, CA, USA

  • mandragora1987
  • I'm not currently interested in men right now. So I'm looking for a woman who is a like-minded soul and I am looking for a woman who's more feminine then I am. She must be into horror movies and obsessed with geeky nerdy stuff which is essential. Harry Potter obsession is a most have. She must have a sense of humor preferably one that's dark and into offencive humor. I preferably want to find a wo...
  • 32 years old | Fremont, NE, USA

  • lilith5674
  • Just curious.
  • 37 years old | Little Rock, AR, USA

  • ladyabyss
  • ......
  • 28 years old | Ottumwa, IA, USA

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