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Submitted by: feedback
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Title: Voodoo (full documentary)

Submitted by: feedback

Title: Perfect Murderer -iaeshaa Jadeite Tint-True Lies Riddim

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Title: Jam - Casual Parents

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Title: bauhaus shes in parties

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Title: My Brain Is In The Cupboard - Alien Sex Fiend

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Title: How to Dance Goth (Mirror)

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Title: Rozz Williams/Gitane Demone

Submitted by: alx77

Title: Burzum-Dunkelheit

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Title: Rosetta Stone-the witch

Submitted by: alx77

Title: Panic Lift-Hold On

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Title: Medicine-Something Goes Wrong

Submitted by: xyra

Topic: Don't lie about whose really in chat.

You boast numbers, but in reality, those numbers are...

Topic: Vampires Everywhere

I'm obsessed with this band.I guess you can say I'm...

Topic: Bleeding colors of insanity.

`Good message.It almost sounds like me even though you typed this long ago.

Topic: I guess this topic is pointless...

`You seem pretty damn perfect to me. So i'm sure it...

Topic: hi

`Welcome. I'm new here too. I think its kind of sad...

Topic: Don't give a.. Who will you vote for!!

`Voting is pointless. It's the illusion of choice....

Topic: Anarchy

`I'm a Communist. A true Communist. None of that Stalinist...

Topic: Sicktanick

I know his music isn't really gothic per-say. But I...

Topic: Are there any other Satanists here?

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Topic: Weekend "goths" are an insult.

`I use to dress goth all the time. But not so much...