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Defining the anti-Goth

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May 25, 2009
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Defining the anti-Goth
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There seems to be a lot of confusion about the term "Goth". Not only is the definition of "Goth" very fuzzy, it also seems to be different depending on the place where you live, the people you frequent and the time you were spawned.

In a futile effort to "sharpen" our understanding of what is Goth, I propose we get together and define the mirror image of the Goth, the anti-Goth. This image should contain all the characteristics that we think would be a person that would never consider him- or herself to be 'Goth' or at least 'Gothic'

So, as a 'kickoff' I will state that the anti-Goth:

* Can't handle "negative" or "dark" imagery in books, pictures, etc or in people's attitudes.
* Doesn't have a sense of humor.

Ok, you're up next....

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Posted:     Post subject:

`LOL...I think I'm gonna stop you before you get to put a spoke in the wheel and make you flip over the handlebars of the bike and land in a puddle of mud.../smiles. But I don't think that the anti-goth can't handle negative or dark imagery in etc...if that was true, then many popular books within various genres, which have very dark 'materials' as subjects and indeed, some scary pictures to go along....are liked by people of a wiiiiide variety, including some that would nver consider themselves gothic in any way, shape or form.../smiles.

And certainly, people who are not goth, still have a great sense of humour...I think more outside do than not...because many would say that people of the gothic persuasion, and its many facets, have no sense of humour at all...that's how they label goths and the particular music that is part of its popular perception... Of course, it is just a stereotype to claim that goths do not have humour.

No, I think it is probably not such a good idea to define yourself by an anti-perspective. The history of Europe is full of such definitions and they have almost always been negative...such as...'We are civilised because they are not...there, look at those barbarians/Africans/Native Americans..they are not civilised..but we are because we are not like them.'

Rome was full of such self-created identity through anti-perspectives...the historical goths of the day, visigoths and a bunch of germanic tribes especially, were considered barbaric by the Romans, who defined their own so called civilised behaviour by pointing to the wild tribes as their own opposite. Even though, their blood-sport of gladiators and starved animals was viewed with horror by the so called barbaric tribes who would never dream of treating other human beings or animals like that...for sport or show.

Knowing what I know about you Arthur, I don't think that you have any negative intentions with your posts...but it serves I know about the fallacy of definitions through anti-perspectives...and yes, believe it or not, I do agree that, sometimes, on a few occasions, you can better understand what something is, by understanding what it is isn't...but mostly not. It can however, be a humorous way of viewing things sometimes and I think that, judging from your superbly humorous presence in the chat rooms, perhaps that is most likely your intention /smiles.

At the end of the day, I'm just glad that you are posting things here makes for great food for the mind...and that I am always for...especially if I end up learning something.../smiles. Thanks for posting, it's much appreciated...

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Posted:     Post subject:

`If I am to...join this little attempt.../smiles...then I would say that...perhaps...anti-goths would not like the music of

Paradise Lost (early CD's such as 'Gothic', 'Shades of God', 'Icon' and 'Draconian Times')

(But I know that many non-goths like their music too...)

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