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Acidman.. Write it.

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Posted:     Post subject: Acidman.. Write it.

Help me right this story!! If you can think of any other horrible things for Jesse to do to Rose go ahead & write on to the story!

Rose was small. Her hair was long & red.. Her eyes were grey. Rose was beautiful, & Jesse had met her four weeks ago. They met online & she couldn't wait to meet him in person. He was tall, Had short, black Hair that he kept slicked back. He was Dark & handsome. Too bad he was psycho. He Held her as she slept, & As he took a drag on his ciggarette he debated on what he wanted do to her.
After getting himself dressed he carried the sleeping Rose out the door. She awoke, naked, as he set her on the cold metal table in his backyard shed.. The door already locked behind them.. The fear swept over her as she realized what had happened but he was already tying her down. The smell surrounding her made her vomit.. It smelled like ROT..
Jesse loved the acrid smell of his shed. He thought it reminded him of sweet childhood memories. & for all unholy reason it did. Jesse pulled out a metal container carefuly from a cabinet spattered with blood.. "what.. Is in that?" Roes sputtered..
"Oh dear.. Its acid." Jesse replied in a haunting voice..
" L-like drugs? Are you going to drug me?!"
"Oh now.. I wouldn't do a thing like that.. He said grinning..
Jesse pulled on his gloves, Opened the container & approached her. She stuggled, her wrists & legs tied down.. Jesse poured the acid down roses left arm.. & she Screamed as her flesh burned & peeled.. Blood poured out of the wound.. It hurt so bad Rose passed out.. When she awoke she found her wound wrapped.. & jesse standing over her..

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June 27, 2007
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dunno if this is any good but i'll give it a go

... and jesse standing over her with a strange detatched look in his eyes. Even though they had not known each other long it was a look rose had never seen in his eyes before, or in anyones eyes for that matter. "jesse?" rose said, in a scared, child like voice. But with out word, hesitation or remorse he reeled back and swung right at her quivering stomach with his large clentched fist. Her breth left rose immediately and after the second punch she began to vommit, almost chocking on her own spew she screamed, "jesse, please!". Still without a word jesse's dark eyes glistened, in what little moon light that wash shining through the small muck covered windows of his shed, and with a sly, evil grin he turned and headed to a door, not the main door to the shed but too dark to see where it led. When it opened she was terrified to hear...

thanx for the oppturnity, im new here but i had a chance to read some of your work and i enjoyed it. I hope that follows what you had in mind, its been so long since i've written anything im a little self conscience about it so be nice. p.s my spelling can be shocking sometimes.
cheers xoxo

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