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Does everybody have a little piece of goth in them

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zippkyo profile photo

August 16, 2007
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Does everybody have a little piece of goth in them
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Well to tell the truth i think everybody does in some sure of crazy, out of this world, secret way, of some kind out gothic way...!! Mainly because some people have social problems or outcast problem or just plain down right shy. Everyway u look at it we all have a little goth in side maybe even under a mask we put up..!!! :idea:

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airgedok profile photo

September 28, 2006
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I don't know if thats true.

Does being shy make you goth?
Does being an outcast make you goth?

I would agree that we all have insecurities and the like but i don't know if that translates into all people are a little bit goth. Charles Dckens said, "i am Human therefore nothing of the human condition is alien to me." Which I think expresses the idea that while we may not all be alike nothing is so different from us that we can't relate or understand it on some level.

Back to your premiss i think its more a case that we are all human and therefore all have experiences that are similar that we can find commonality between almost everyone without much difficulty. Does that mean we all have a little bit of [blank] inside us? I don't know. I would not word it in such a way myself. But I would say that we are not as different as we may appear or believe we are.

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shadowedwraith profile photo

December 11, 2007
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yes i belive everyone does have some amount of goth in them
beacuse i belive goth is not a style it is a way of life and a form of art and expression my mother for example the average working mother she dresses of the norm and looks regular but she has a warped sence of humor and enjoys horror movies and art aswell as has a love for dark posetry that is a little bit of goth right there

second my father dated a few of the early goths back in the 80s yes he is a conservative my father has a dark sence of humor and he shares a liking for dark dreary places such as my self and to me there is an essance of goth there

and third myself
ever sence i was small i had a love for castles graveyards halloween and spooky buildings typical goth stuff no big deal right well after about 8 i stoped dressing norm and moved for a bit of a darker look that being camoflages of assorted colors including jet black big leather boots and a black t shirt.

after that it became tripps and such things of that nature when i reached the age of 12. then from there at 14 i reverted back to the militeristic style and added a few changes yet still wearing the tripps. from there to today i wear black demonia boots miltary trousers and a tucked in black t shirt i wear my eyeliner and fish net shirts and i wear my leather cuffs and a straight jacket or trench coat

now the point i make in saying all of that is that there are various stages and styles within goth so that must mean goth cant be a style so it must be a part of you and one doesnt just become goth it doesnt happen that way your brain developes as you grow and your interests change and you follow what you desire and find interesting so in a sence you are born goth beacuse it is instilled in you from birth based on your surroundings and what draws your interest

so i say again yes there are pieces of goth in everyone beacuse goth is art life love and literature just as everything else is only we are the darker of them

you know how people say goth is straange andNOT NORMAL well what is normal beacuse if some one can tell me were it says what is normal and what isnt please do beacuse no one gave anyone the right to judge what is normal and whaat isnt beacuse to me you are all normal everysingle person here and those who treat us s---ily are normal to they are just *ss holes and ignorant

may you all enjoy this and live a full and good life
with much love to all of you

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