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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath: And Other Oneiric Works (Tomb of Lovecraft)


Dreams of an opulent, mythic city lead "night-tripper" Randolph Carter into an exhilarating but often terrifying voyage into the very eye of midnight. *The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath* is regarded as the culminatory text in HP Lovecraft's *Dream Cycle*, and perhaps the most elaborate story to feature Randolph Carter, explorer of alternative, labyrinthine dream-worlds that constantly threaten to turn into nightmare. This new edition also includes the complete strands of Lovecraft's *Dream Cycle* and Carter mythologies, including: *Polaris*, *The Statement Of Randolph Carter*, *Beyond The Wall Of Sleep*, *The Doom That Came To Sarnath*, *The White Ship*, *The Cats Of Ulthar*, *Celephad's*, *The Quest Of Iranon*, *The Other Gods*, *Hypnos*, *The Unnameable*, *The Strange High House In The Mist*, *The Silver Key*, and *Through The Gates Of The Silver Key*; plus a brand new introduction by DM Mitchell (editor, /The Starry Wisdom/).

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